Beauty Care

Beauty CareBeauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out. Beauty is a light in the heart. Ayurvedic beauty care treatments are recommended for enhance beauty and detoxify your body. Head is an important part where all the five sense organs are located. So beauty treatments automatically nourish and rejuvenate the five sense organs.

As per Ayurveda people with vatic nature may have rough and dry skin, wrinkles, premature ageing, cracks, and lack of moisture or oiliness. Due to cold and wind exposure there may be cracks and dryness in the skin. As mind and skin are closely related these people will have premature ageing, wrinkles, blackish discoloration etc. on skin due to excessive thoughts, physical activities and insufficient nourishment. Ayurvedic treatments and skin products helps to rejuvenate nourish and bring oiliness or moisture to vatic type of skin.

Pita prakriti persons are prone to acne infection, reddish discoloration, inflammations, moles, blemishes, burns etc. on skin. Exposure to sunlight, wind intake of oily, spicy, food items can trigger the conditions. Ayurvedic beauty care can helps to reduce redness, burns, unwanted moles and discolorations and detoxify the skin.

Kapha prakriti persons will have fatty oily skins with acne and large pores, whitish discoloration, white or black heads. Excessive oil excretion and sweating can lead to dirt depositions inside skin pores along with bad odour and itching. Ayurvedic beauty care treatments help to restore skin health, increase blood supply, remove unwanted oiliness etc. in these types of people. Theses beauty treatments are based on ancient Ayurvedic principles and these are 100% herbal, natural, non irritant, non toxic and cost effective. Irregular diet habits, lifestyle changes, usage of hard water, lack of time for hair care, anxiety etc. will lead to hair related problems like itching in scalp, dandruff, hair loss, splitting end, thinning, premature graying of hair, and premature baldness. Ayurveda suggests solutions for these hair problems in the form of external and internal medications.

UDWARTHANAM (Ayurvedic powder scrub)
According to Ayurveda, Udwarthana (upward massage with powdered drug) disintegrates kapha dosha, dissolves fat, provide firmness to the body and excellently clarifies the skin. It is indicated in skin diseases, excessive sweating, itching, skin discoloration, obesity and neurological conditions.

MUKHALEPA (Ayurvedic face care)
Facial cleaning is carried out by gentle facial massage with herbal face cream, facial cleansing and exfoliating scrubbing. Then steaming has to done for opening skin pores. Later herbal face pack dissolved in rose water is applied over the face. Mukhalepa is suitable for any skin types as it smoothens and relaxes skin. It helps to increase blood circulation, delay ageing process, and prevent discolorations on skin.

HASTA SOUNDARYA (Ayurvedic manicure/Ayurvedic hand care)
It is a cosmetic treatment for hands and finger nails where Hands are soaked in warm herbal decoction for some time. Ayurvedic manicure is the gentle oil massage and herbal exfoliating scrub followed by Ayurvedic herbal cream massage and gentle steam application on both the hand. Gentle Massage will increase blood supply to both the hands as well as rejuvenate nerves. Ayurveda suggests manicure to improve smoothness, softness and texture of hands and nails. Gentle relaxing manicure can helps to keep clean, young healthy hands and nails. Prevent cracks, nail infections and is beneficial for dry, rough, overworked hands and fragile nails.

PADA SOUNDARYA (Ayurvedic pedicure/Ayurvedic foot care)
Procedure of pedicure is same as that of Ayurvedic manicure/hand care treatments. This is the Ayurvedic cosmetic treatment for your feet and toe nails. In this procedure first you have to soak your feet inside a warm herbal decoction having so many benefits. Following Ayurvedic oil massage with gentle force, Ayurvedic herbal cream massage with steam application is performed. This will helps to remove dead skin cells from the foot and promote growth of new healthy cells by increasing blood flow. This procedure prevents infections, painful corn, blisters, cracks, fungi infection of nail bud and other foot problems.

KESHA SOUNDARYA (Ayurvedic hair therapies)
Hair is considered as the most attractive aspect of your physical appearance. Ayurvedic hair care is done with 100% natural herbal medicines and that helps to prevent most of the hair related problems. Head and scalp massage with nourishing oil followed by gentle steam application relaxes the patient. Later herbal hair cream conditioner is gently applied on the hair follicles for a certain period of time. This procedure gives healthy, strong hair follicles which are soft, smooth, shiny and strong. Hair care treatment prevents hair loss, alopecia, premature graying, baldness, itchy dry scalp, dandruff, thinning of hair and head ache.